Why concrete countertops?

There are several reasons a homeowner would choose concrete over granite. Concrete countertops are custom made and tailored to fit you specific wants and needs. We can achieve virtually any color and our concrete can be molded and poured to an unlimited amount of shapes and configurations. Concrete is durable and hardy, easily withstanding the average wear and tear of everyday living for many years. Our concrete countertops have over 5 layers of sealers, this makes them an easily maintained and sanitary surface. As a kitchen countertop this is important because our surfaces are sealed not porus like granite or other natural stone surfaces. That spilled red wine or the raw chicken splatters from dinner preparation can now be quickly wiped up without staining or bacteria seeping into the surface. You can have your concrete re-sealed every 12-18 months if you desire.

What are the disadvantages of concrete countertops?

Like all countertop surfaces, concrete is not perfect. Because of the sealers used, you do not want to cut directly on the surface and you should not place hot pans on top of the countertop.

Why should we build your concrete countertops?

Unlike other concrete countertop builders, we pour, cure and seal your countertops in our shop, not in your home.  Our shop is a temperature and humidity controlled environment where we can monitor all jobs to insure proper cure times for the concrete and sealers.  We will initially come to you house and take make templates, then we go back to our shop and create.  None of the mess and you have full use of your kitchen until the day of install.